Monday, January 19, 2015

Picture of the Week- Brothers

Quote of the Week- Living Without Fear

"If a man happens to be 36-years old as I happen to be and some great truth stands before the door of his life, some great opportunity to stand for that which is right. And the man might be afraid his home will be bombed, or he’s afraid that he will lose his job, or he’s afraid that he will get shot or beat down by state troopers…He may go on to live until he’s 80. But he’s just as dead at 36 as he would be at 80, and the sensation of breathing in his life is merely the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit…He died. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for which is true." -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream Speech - August 28, 1963

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pinspiration- Decorations for the Time Travel Marathon

So, I am hard at work trying to figure out the decorations for this movie marathon- it is an awesome theme for movies, but how do you decorate it? My first idea was to do our house the way houses from the future always look in movies from the past- retro futuristic (complex, right? But it turns out, also really all-encompassing and hard to do on the cheap). Plus, if you just put "time travel" into Pinterest, it is just a bunch of Doctor Who stuff (those guys just ruin everything)!

So now I am thinking we will do a mix of "stuff from the future" and Back to the Future stuff. Here is some of the Back to the Future stuff I like now:

I did find one party on pinterest for inspiration. They seemed to mostly do an 80's thing with iconic objects from the movie:

 I do like the style here (though I don't totally get why lightning is their favorite motif). I am thinking the lightning bolt through the clock would be cool though.

Clock Stuff: 
No matter what, I could decorate with lots of clocks, I am just not sure whether that starts to have a Vanitas effect. I am thinking I will make a really huge clocktower clock in the living room since we still have a pretty big blank wall there.

You can find some retro futuristic things too, but most of it is either very expensive or with lights. Glow sticks won't work for a week-long celebration (but please, let's do this for a New Year's someday):
I have found a couple other good ideas related to the movie that I think I could pull off:



Ok, as I am doing this, I am thinking about doing one room as the future (2015), one room as the present (80's), and one room as the past (1955)- what do you think? Or I could make the differences even more dramatic. This is what I am working on now and I love advice!


6 Things for the Last Two Days- John Muir, Regine Schumann, and Left-Hand Frosting

1. Fat Baby Hands- This monkey is super chunky now, with wrist rolls and chub dimples and all the good baby things. I am pretty psyched about how cute he is getting, though I still think he looks more like a fetus and less like a person. But the chub is just super cute.


2. Regine Schumann- Like a fun Dan Flavin grandchild, Schumann's work makes me smile. Going to keep an eye out so I can go see this work in person- if you see her exhibiting somewhere near you, please go for me!

3. Top Chef Season 4-I ordered another season of food viewing for our last few straight days of paternity leave nesting before visitors and visiting (and then getting the Boy ready for work again). Enjoying spending these days working and watching them play.

4. Ken Burns The National Parks- Yes, we have not gotten over this addiction yet. They are so good! I want to be John Muir when I grow up, minus all the camping. So basically, just the wisdom. I would like to be as wise as John Muir.

5. Frosting Left Handed while Breastfeeding- We hosted our first PEPS meeting this week and went big with the snacks. Maybe too big, because it was pure chaos beforehand. I think you can definitely tell the difference between the cupcakes I did without a baby attached to me and which ones I tried to frost left-handed. Another learning experience, but I always feel proud when we survive these things.

6. Super genoming- Currently loving being back to work, since I can still stay in my pajamas to do it. Have been trying to get most of it done before the excitement starts up again, and I feel way sharper than I did two or three months ago. That is the thing I am probably most excited about right now.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

3 Things-Beto, Golden Globes, and Closer Consideration of East Palo Alto

1.The Return of Beto- We can finally get back to zumba, and I am elated to be the good kind of sore again.
2. Amy and Tina- Gah, love them. “Steve Carell’s Foxcatcher look took two hours to put on, including his hairstyling and make-up. Just for comparison, it took me three hours today to prepare for my role as human woman.”
3. "East of Palo Alto's Eden"- Tech Crunch posted an article on East Palo Alto, which remains the most interesting, bizarre, and problematic section of the Bay Area. This area, where I volunteered as a tutor, has an almost unbelievable history of racism and city planning (it's junk land), poverty, and crime. Now, it has been overtaken by techies and Stanford students, driving up the prices and driving out the families who live there (also eliminating any spaces for working class families anywhere on the Bay). The kids I worked with are going to end upeven further from their parents workplaces and the influx of wealth is breaking up their community. This story isn't finished (and is repeated in the Mission within the City)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Planning the 2015 Movie Marathon

The Boy hates being the center of attention, so he doesn't like birthday parties, but I still want to celebrate him (because I am damn glad he was born), so we have started a tradition where we do a movie marathon of his choosing in his honor. I make a big fuss and try to cook the 4 things I know how to cook to correspond with the theme.

Last year, he had an Indiana Jones Movie Marathon; I especially had fun making the cake, because Lego Indiana Jones was getting popular, so there were LOTS of ideas to be found.

The year before, we celebrated with a Star Wars Movie Marathon, which is when the idea really picked up steam (it actually started in 2012 with a Harry Potter marathon, as most things do). I knocked the decorations out of the park (but of course there are about a million ideas online), so much so that some were still up when we moved out of the apartment.

So The Boy finally picked his theme for this year, which is Time Travel. Now this is way broader than before, so I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the possibilities. I am thinking it will culminate with the Back to the Future trilogy, but we need to decide on maybe 3-4 more for the week leading up to it. Here are some of the options, but I am open to suggestions!

Hot Tub Time Machine
The Time Machine
That One Star Trek (I may have to figure this out)
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
 Pleasantville (Is this really time travel? Not sure)
Run Lola Run
Groundhog Day
Safety Not Guaranteed

A few have been vetoed already (Time Bandits, Planet of the Apes, Midnight in Paris, Anything that has anything to do with Dr. Who, which he hates), but I know there have to be more than what I have been thinking of. Next, I have to figure out what decorations I can do other than just a bunch of clocks. I may go more Back to the Future, since this is the year of the future in the movie (Under the Sea Dance? BBG is a puffy red vest? lots of Pepsi?).

I'll let you know what we come up with!