Sunday, March 15, 2015

Have a Good Week Everyone!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

3 Things- Jazz, No More Fashion Policing, and Artybollocks

1. Ken Burns Jazz- Yes, I am knee-deep into another one. So good, even if the narrative structure seems identical one historical epoch to the next.
2.Kathy Griffin's Resignation from Fashion Police- Alright, full disclosure, I wouldn't consider myself a big fan of Griffith's, but kudos to her for refusing to go for the cheapest blows that, in the end, hurt everyone. If you can't make someone laugh without making fun of a woman's appearance, maybe comedy should not be your thing? I gave up on the show long before Rivers' passing, but it sounds like it has only gotten nastier, so if it dies, I am not sure who will mourn it. They shouldn't have brought it back so quickly anyway, and if it can't exist without being nasty about one woman's appearance (which is just toxic to everyone), then it should die. Go, Girl, drop the freaking mic.

3. Instant Artist Statement- Artybollocks Generator made my day. I read so much of this nonsense on my genoming days. Throw in a couple of key words (Conceptualism, Process-Oriented, etc) and say how important you are. Done.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

3 Favorite Things I Saw for International Women's Day

Yes, yes, late for the party. Someday, I will be timely. Or you will have all given up and I can post things about International Women's Day in September. I am still paying attention, but I only have one hand to type with, so responding remains the challenge.

1. 11 Laws that Stand in the Way of Gender Equality Worldwide- Global Citizen posted this list (which could be much longer) of existing laws worldwide that work against women. Lists like this make it impossible to deny that EXTREME gender equality (and State sponsored rape) still runs rampant worldwide.

2.#povertyissexist- ONE published a report on gender and worldwide poverty that is truly shocking and heartbreaking. Do you know two thirds of the world's illiterate population are women? That is 500 million people. Join me in signing the petition at the end of this report and seeking out more ways to help women get what they absolutely need worldwide.

3. The Legal Justice League- For something lighter, the Notorious RBG as a lego. Sometimes, life becomes amazing. God Bless you, Maia Weinstock.

Quote of the Week- Types of Feminism

"There's just as many kinds of feminism as there are women in the world." - Kathleen Hanna

Let's all just do something, shall we?

Our baby's clothes are being made by another woman's small child.
Our rights are being chipped away at daily.
In MOST cases, we still don't have equal pay or much maternity leave.
All over the world, women don't have access to education, to freedom, or to clean water.

We are making choices constantly that define who we are and what we are willing to put up with.

You don't have to agree with what I think, but know what you think, and do the work to make self-critical choices.

If you are disgusted by the idea of sweat shops, stop buying clothes at stores that use them (and if you aren't sure, look it up!)
If you are frustrated with the state of education in your area, volunteer and get involved.
If you think people should have jobs, stop using self check-outs and showing stores you are willing to do that work yourself.
If you feel people are mistreated, just keep being kind.
If you think it should be different, advocate! Get in there!

I don't believe in telling someone they aren't a femminist because they have a different set of ideas than I do, but if you have choices, make them knowingly. Don't slide along on your privilege. Capitalism constantly feeds us this lie that it should be easy, but you have to question whether making something easier for you is making it much harder for someone else.

We are all responsible for the world we are in- if you can see a way to make your world better, you have to. Inactivity and passivity are the worst we can do.

Picture of the Week- Last Quiet Week for Awhile

This bottom picture is of the murals of Native American men in our neighborhood which are being restored after they were vandalized. The whole thing is such a bummer, but I feel good that the community stepped up to fix the issue.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

3 Things for Yesterday- Erich, CoCA, and Bananas

1. Erich Hartmann- This photographer famously shot at the Nazi concentration camps, but I find some of the sad photographs about everyday life and alienation equally thought-provoking. Check him out, he's great.

2. CoCA's 1996 Polka Palooza- You know how the more you get to know something, the weirder it gets? The rule works for people too, but it may be one of my favorite things about living. CoCA has hosted Nirvana, live tatoo artists and sword swallowers, and, of course, the world's largest accordion band. It's the randomness that makes it wonderful.
3. Bananas- I have hated them most of my life, but post-baby, I love them. Love them. Eat two a day love them. I would say this is part of my diet plan, but that seems misleading. I just enjoy eating them.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

30 Day Lady Positivity Challenge- Day 28

Day 28- Someone who is hilarious and fun, and that makes them beautiful- Aunt Becky

My Aunt Becky has been on my mind for this one for a long time (obviously, as it has taken me forever to finish this project). She has one of my absolute favorite laughs in the whole world (it is truly the cutest), a great silly sense of humor, and a really great sense of play and fun. She is also a deeply caring person who loves with everything she is, especially when it comes to her kids. These qualities, along with so many others, makes her an incredibly beautiful person!

I only have good memories of my Aunt Becky as a little kid, though I infamously told she and my Uncle David they were no fun when I was really little. The Greenes have a pretty playful family culture, and I feel like she was always in to play a game or to go swimming.

As a side note, as I collected pictures for this blog, I also marveled at how consistently great Aunt Becky has looked through the years. She always looks totally like herself! I have always thought her red hair is soo pretty (I have major ginger jealousy) and I just think she looks bright, smiley, and glowy so much of the time. Like I said before, she has a really great laugh and a fun sense of humor, so when I see pictures of her smiling, I can hear the laugh and it makes me smile!

When I got a little older, I can remember Aunt Becky taking me to lunch and shopping, and I loved it because it made me feel so grown-up (plus she was just fun to talk to). I feel like part of what makes her so special is that she wants to have fun with you, and when you are with her, you feel like it is with you in particular, though I know she is great to all of her nieces and nephews. She is super committed to family as a whole, and you can see she is incredibly committed to her kids, Paige and Harrison.

Aunt Becky worked as a mom through her kids' childhood, and she used her creativity and fun to make their lives better. She was the president of PTO, started a Junior version of city band, and even ran the youth group at our church to help make their community what she wanted for them, and I think that is so important to do as a parent. I hear so many moms in my generation talk about potentially homeschooling because they don't like the public school system, but I really prefer Becky's approach to get out there and use your skills to make the system better for your kids AND the kids around them. The work she does as a mom has clearly benefited her kids, but her willingness to share those skills with other kids made Franklin a more fun and creative space for lots of kids. That's an amazing use of her love and skills!

I really think Aunt Becky was a great mom, and you can see that their family unit still enjoys a lot of fun together because of it. Even if they drive eachother crazy at times, like all families do, you really get the sense that their little unit likes to be around each other. I also think it is sweet that Becky takes the time to get to know her kids' friends, and you get thee sense she genuinely really likes them too. Aunt Becky really is awesome at letting people know how much she cares about them in fun and really open ways.

Aunt Becky and Uncle David also really like having little adventures, and they are masters at finding all the fun things to do in small American cities (it feels like they have been everywhere!). They are, probably by far, the most laid back of the Greene branches, and so their trips seem to have lots of relaxing (loyal readers/ family members know I cannot do relaxation, but I admire those who can!) and cool out of the way trips.

Aunt Becky is also the reigning queen of random hilarious facebook posts. They are just so random. Sometimes I giggle in the morning when her posts come up in my feed in the morning, because it is just so random! She sees the humor and silliness in the little things, and she likes hearing about the small things in life, not just the little things. She consistently makes me smile with her support sometimes in the really small moments, like calling me to check in while I was pregnant or keeping up with me while I was abroad. She really makes you feel cared for and she really wants to make sure you are doing ok. She and Uncle David are about to make a big move, but I know her openess and humor are going to help her enjoy the new adventure and neighborhood. 

So here's to you, Becky Greene, for your laugh that always makes me smile, for your open (and hilarious) thoughts on dogs, Kohl's, and food, for avoiding complaining even in like 1000 feet of snow (that's what PA has now, right?), for being sweet and caring, for doing things that make you happy and making other people happy in the process, for loving your hubby enough to move from your home for him, for being your kids' biggest supporter, for still being friends with your friends from high school (I think that says a lot about a person), for being a pretty spectacular organizer (putting all other PTA presidents and youth group leaders to shame, no joke), may you continue to be out of control in the best possible way ;o) You are beautiful and we love you!