Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Today's Inspiration- Jody Alexander's Ruby B

Today I had a special project to finish for Artsy, and I couldn't be happier, because I discovered yet another truly amazing artist. Jody Alexander works as a librarian in Santa Cruz by day and as a book artist and collector by night. She spins her own narratives around found books and texts, but the ways she transforms them are unlike anything I have ever seen. New favorite for sure. Here are a few images from her "The Odd Volumes of Ruby B" series, which you can read more about here (no seriously, click the link. You will see beautiful things).



The total femininity and precision of what she is doing moves what could be just an original idea into something that feels precious and rare. The embroidery on the pages is unlike any I have seen before. When a collector makes her own objects, I think she captures that magic that drives those archival instincts in the first place. I think this work is magic.

6 Things for the Last 2 Days- Leggings, Aretha, and a Working Sink!

1. Bosch Leggings- This may be the best a camel toe could possibly look. I want these in a bad way, because they are just wonderfully classy and inappropriate all at once. Plus, anything to bring attention to my inner calf. Well done, Modcloth. I have always wanted to see leggings with more naked people on them.
2. Calling it and just going to Arby's- A horrible and wonderful solution to life just being annoying. Also, curly fries are good for the soul.
3. Aretha Franklin singing Respect live- There is one version I love, and it gets harder and harder to find. I may just buy the cd, since I have mostly decided streaming is a fool's game.
4. A Working Sink and Laundry Machine! Woot woot! You all can come visit us now- we will stink much less. Latest brush with adulthood conquered, and we are back to blogging and playing video games.
5. The Horror of Trying to Binge Watch Love it or List It- Homeowners are the worst. Homeowners in Canada, worst ever (have you ever noticed when you hang out with Canadians, they always have to talk about how it is better there? Have they never seen this show? Don't you know how whiny you all are?). The designer and homeowner's drama  and disdain can destroy your soul if you watch too many episodes in a row. It doesn't even matter how contrived it is. Also, what is going on with Desta's hair? Bad in a million different ways!
6. Crab Bisque- We are trying to eat mostly soup and salad from now until spawn. This way, we can test lots of new things that might be good once we are trying to lose weight and also learn how to be parents. Tis week, we are doing crab bisque

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

3 Things for Yesterday- Notorious RBG, Xbox Music, and Word to Mother

1. Notorious RBG t-shirts- I have almost bought this on etsy like 10 times now for the Boy (he loves Ruth Bader Ginsburg- that's a keeper. I keep thinking about making him a surprise bag for the hospital when I am in labor, both because it sounds pretty boring for him and just in case I am super mean to him, and this may be in it. Need to make a decision.
2. XBox Music- I am finally saying goodbye to Zune, which has gotten worse and worse for quite a while, and I am switching over to XBox music, so I can have music on my new phone when we get it in November (ah to have a phone with battery life?).
3. Word to Mother- This is my favorite artist I genomed yesterday. Former Street Artist/ Graphic Artist. Check out his work here.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

6 Things for the Weekend- Gourds, Corn Maze Jokes, and Coffin Cookies

 1. Gourds and dead sunflowers- Gourds are so pretty and dead sunflowers are so creepy (in a good way). I had fun taking pictures of both.

2. Corn Maze Jokes- My Grammy would love them. There were a few we never figured out, but if you can take a maze shaped like a chicken and fill it with elephant jokes, you are getting everything right, even if you feel like you might sink through the mud.

3. Western Spaghetti- By Pes. I love it.
4. Central Cinema- An awesome small theater in Seattle with booth seating, food, and cartoons playing until the movie starts. I mean, how can you fight with cartoons? Plus they played the Ghostbusters music video, which weirdly features Al Franken. It's fun to be in any theater that encourages almost a live viewing response from the audience (all the beer pitchers I saw coming in probably helped with that). I loved the whole place, though they aren't showing much we would want to see between now and spawn.

5. Smiley Cookies!!- It almost makes me sad to look at this picture, because I have to face how many cookies we ate in one day! Eat n Park is really stepping their game up, because this is just amazing. Plus, the cookies look a lot like Charlie Brown.
6. Krusteaz Cinnamon Cake- Yes, we also had cake. It was the closest thing to Hobee's coffee cake we've had. Simple and from a box, but also totally delicious.

Bumpwatch Week 35

How Far Along: Today, we finished our 35th week of pregnancy! BBG is the size of a coconut- his hearing is all developed (better to hear Daddy singing), his lungs are mature, and his high kicking continues to improve. We also had a baby light week to recover from the crazy babiness of the week before, but he will not be ignored. He will dance!

Best Moment of the Week: We had a really awesome day yesterday- first, we went to Dr. Maze's Pumpkin Patch. We decided to go do the corn maze (because neither of us had ever done it before), which was a solid hour of tromping through mud and dead plants. Then, we got to an awesome Seattle theater (Central Cinema) and eat not super great food while we watched Ghostbusters. They even showed the music video (amazing). Last, when we got home, my Dad had sent us a coffin filled with mini Smiley Cookies! Best present he could have ever sent, and it basically took the day from great to ridiculous.

Most Interesting Prego Quirk: You get weirdly proud of yourself for completing simple human functions. I am straight up elated when I can get my cell phone out of my purse on the car floor. I have developed an elaborate set of strategies for rolling over. I feel real pride for sleeping past 8. Every prego has to do things their own way, but I find it is good for the soul to focus on what you can do rather than for the 6 lb chair someone panics when you try to move.

I Would Really Like Some: Clam chowder. The Boy pushed for a new soup instead, but you better believe chowder will be eaten in this house sometime in the next week or two. The baby needs clams.
Bizarro Thing No One Warned me About:  When you get to the third trimester, you get slower and time gets faster. Right now, it feels like it takes me twice as long to get from here to there, like running through the sand with enormous snails tied to your feet.This part makes sense, since you are weighed down at the navel, and it throws off all your balance. What is weirder is that my brain seems to have slowed down- I haven't had trouble with words or had any major prego brain mistakes (one of my sister in laws backed her car up without looking while pregnant), but its like all of my brain functions are moving through even more sandy sand. My general flighty forgetfulness is escalated, and when I work, I think I am actually slowing down after building up my speed. My mom says that this is normal, but I never knew that the final stretch could make you literally slow down this way (and why must I be so stupid? So inconvenient). Before you hit the crazy phase where you are sure the baby comes early, you lose all sense of your internal clock, because everything takes soooo long.

And The Boy?: He has been working on a mobile for the baby, which is truly one of the cutest things I have ever seen (both the making and the antique flying machines made of felt and buttons). We were also excited to find an awesome movie theater in Seattle, so much so that we might go again before baby (everyone says movie dates are one of the big things to go once you have kids- bummer). 

Looking Forward to: This week we have our last baby class (more Bringing Home Baby and its overwhelming cuteness), I am going to do all the spawn laundry and probably pack hospital bags. This means that I am coming to terms with birthing, right? 

Quote os the Week- We are Channels

 Two of my favorites-
"While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obligated to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also  God's creation" -Maya Angelou

"God has given us two hands- one to receive with and the other to give with. We are not cisterns made for hoarding; we are channels made for sharing." -Billy Graham