Friday, July 31, 2015

6 Things I Love this Week

1. Being Baby Captives- Somebody got used to being cuddled for everything/ falling asleep to the sweet buzz of benadryl, so now he basically won't sleep unless held, therefor continuing our 4 months of constant sleep-related drama. I have got nothing done. On the bright side, he is more willing to cuddle, and that is pretty darn cute.

2. Finishing our PEPS group- We are one week away from ending our first Peps leadership, and it was all in all a really lovely experience. It makes a big difference to work helping others into our schedule even now when things are consistently nuts. We are planning a short hiatus until the fall, and then we will be back to it. Have other moms with babies found ways to volunteer?

3. The End of July- I know I am like the only person, but I really hate summer. We live in a city where summer isn't even all that summerish, but thanks to El Nino, we have had some hot days in air conditioner-less homes. Things start cooling down/ raining again in Seattle in August, so I am hoping even if it stays summery, it will be more tolerably so. July kicked our butts, and no one needs a sick baby in a hot house. Ready to turn the page for sure, so we can get to my favorite season- fall!

4. Greenpeace vs. Shell- I was blown away with the world-changing commitment of the protestors who blocked the way for the Shell ship in Portland the last two days. I genuinely hope that Shell misses their small window to drill, because there is no known way to clean up a spill if (and when) it happens.

You can still write the White House or sign a petition to ask him to change his position on this issue, as it is incredibly disappointing that he would even allow this while simultaneously speaking on the White House's commitment to the environment. It seems so amazing to me that a few people could make a difference like this, and I hope that people continue to fight back like they did in Seattle and Portland (2 of the only ports that still allow Shell to park their ships in for repairs- so shame on them as well).

5. Ice Cream Surprises- Man, we have some good will to pay forward after this week, because my family has been particularly good to us as we fight through The Bub's sickness. It was so fun to get ice cream in the mail, and I just feel lucky to have such a wonderful sister in law who is looking out for us.

6.  Preserve- This company (you can buy their stuff on amazon) makes plastic plates and cutlery in the US from 100% recycled plastic. It's throwaway/ lightweight stuff you can use over and over again. Or if you don't want to, you can mail it back to them. The Boy's Aunt Patty is a ninja master at reusing disposable silverware, so I think they should consider her as a mascot.

Something to Feel Good About- Ruckabye Baby

I am going to highlight something great going as often as I can, because the world is hard, but people really are good to each other.

Ruckabye Baby is an organization that gives baby wraps to wounded veterans who may not be able to carry their children otherwise. I love this idea, and I feel like that sweet cuddliness would be so great for bonding after a long separation or even calming and healing nerves after going through so much. i feel like it is a genius idea and a super cute premise, so if you just want to see some adorableness today, check this out!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

3 Things I Have Learned about Having a Sick Baby

The Bub has been sick before (actually, pretty recently), but the last 3 days we have been grappling with a viral thing that has really knocked us on our butts (maybe because 2 weeks ago we were fighting a wasp nest?). Still, the bright side hasn't hidden well enough, because there are still things to be grateful for.

 1. Sick Babies make for Poor Hosts- The Bub got sick the last 24-36 hours of my cousin Ben's visit, and I don't think it made for a super great time. It made for a strange lesson for me, where I really did have to slow down and let my guests entertain themselves. Luckily, Ben is especially amiable and self-entertaining, but it is the first time I can remember having to send a visitor off because I just had to focus elsewhere. It was weird. But, I think it was fine? Honestly, if Ben had a horrible time we will never know, so I can believe it was alright.

Side note- The Bub is so awesome that even while sick, he was and is mostly friendly and cute. Just cuddlier/chiller than usual. It's like having our 3 or 4 month old back, because he doesn't move much, but he loves to see you.

 2. Badass Husbands- I try not to brag on the Boy too much, but days like these are reminders of why it's good to marry someone who brings the awesomeness in the face of life being a bummer. He worked from home the past two days, because I think he genuinely couldn't part with a sick bub, and thank goodness, because I am dreading administering those drugs by myself.

 3. Fruit Baskets- We got our first edible arrangement as a show of support today from Pagmanda, and it makes the whole day feel classier, even if I have been puked on twice. Also, pineapple dipped in chocolate? Delicious! Who knew!?!?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ten Things I am Grateful for this Week

1. Ice in this baby lollipop thing- Teether who? We have 2 of these and they just rotate.

2. "Is that it?"- my cousin Ben's reaction to the Space Needle when he first saw it. Everyone be warned, this guest is not easily impressed!

3. Oysters- Salty, sweet, and a big like a giant booger. Fun to watch Ben try, even if he was not super impressed.

4. This night- Where we kicked off Ben's visit by eating Cupcake Royale cupcakes in an intertube in the middle of the kitchen. Because, why not? The cupcakes were delicious and the seat was oh so cushy. Perfect practice for the Boy's trip down the river the next day.

5. Flowers from my Momma- It is safe to say I have been having a really rough couple of weeks and that I am having a lot of trouble keeping myself afloat, so this was just the lift I needed. My mom is the best.

6. This kid- Best wedding DJ of all time. He is saying "The bride and her dad are about to dance now.. so.. uh.. pay attention." He was also missing at the start of the ceremony, in the best way ever.

7. A Night Out- Not a super common thing for us right now, and I think the Boy especially had a great time.

8. Grooms who Dance- That's a keeper.

9. Clouds and Rain- It has finally been overcast and rainy the past two days. I was born for the Pacific Northwest, because I actually feel relieved when the weather is wet and cold. I wish it was like this everyday, to be honest. It is much easier to keep a baby warm than to try to figure out how to keep him cool in an air conditionless house.

10. This- I just thought it was such a pretty color. A happy little nothing in our day.

Monday, July 20, 2015

3 Things I'm Grateful for Today- QFC, Francis, and Ben Visits

1. QFC- This grocery store and its really extensive collection of local products (plus my favorite ever mini lemon cupcakes) is winning me over from my long commitment to Safeway. But honestly, our Safeway is kind of janky, and if I can, I would like to get to the point where at least all of our basics (bread, milk, eggs, produce) are from the Pacific Northwest. Trying to minimize how far our food has to travel. I did try to make milk out of a glass bottle happen, but it was not good milk. Still! Eventually we will be awesome local shoppers for more than just Farmers' Market fare.

2. Pope Francis Coming to Congress- If nothing else, I think it is useful for us all to remember that the Conservative Christian Politicians are serving their own politics first. It's a weird day when the elderly leader of a pretty conservative strain of Christianity is making our politicians uncomfortable by saying maybe we should take care of our environment rather than preserving overconsumption, waste, and corporate greed. I am not saying anyone is a bad person, but the ideological inconsistencies are worth reflecting on when things start getting awkward.

3. Visitors Coming! Does anything make me happier than visiting family or having family visiting? I have felt bummed these last few days because we missed a friend's wedding (sick kid + crazy bees + exhausted parents = an actual pause in travel ambition), so I couldn't feel more pleased to have my cousin Ben coming to stay with us for a week. He is sporty, so goodness knows what we will do with him, but I feel confident we can come up with something. If I had my way, we would be visiting or visited all the time.

Picture of the Week- Laying Low and Letting Go

The Perpetual Motion Machine is still on the move, even when he doesn't feel all that great.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Quote of the Week- Vote for the World You Want

"Every time you spend money,your casting a vote for the kind of world you want"-Anne Lappe